March 27, 2022

Why Open Purpose®

I started 3drops over a decade ago in a refugee camp in Sweden. At the time, I had no ID. Nor any work permit. Without it, it's impossible to go to university or apply for any job.

Starting my own was the only option. I worked every waking hour to turn that hope of freedom to reality. It took me a few years to get my first client project. And a couple more to hire our first member.

Due to the lack of permanent residency, I had to build a remote company. Remote clients, remote teams. It wasn’t easy but nothing worthwhile ever is.

3drops became the key to my freedom. Even though I still don’t have a permanent residency (hint on the new name Blank Resident, more on this later) I am living comfortably, collaborating with people I admire, working on projects that inspire me.

3drops has fulfilled its purpose for me.
It’s time to open it for others to find theirs. 

Welcome to Open Purpose®.

The next chapter in design services.
Shorter story about the change
→ Our updated services

We are currently working on formalising the new structure.
Until then, you can follow our recent work on Twitter.

I’m excited for what's next.
I hope you are too.