July 20, 2021

What motivates you, defines you.

Let's talk about what motivates you.
Because that's what aligns you, controls you, makes you and breaks you.

Over the past few months, I've been questioning a lot of my recent decisions. I mean, when I wake up, I'm all charged and ready to take on the challenges head-on, then later at night, when I'm tired, I question every bit of it. I mean, I doubt every bit of it. Wondering whether I really should start these new companies or should I just focus on what I already have. After all, I know how much it takes to get something off-ground but I've invested most of my past 6 months into these new projects. So do I really want to dedicate the next couple of years to bring these ideas to life? Do I even have what it takes to pull it off?

Most nights, like tonight, I'm re-thinking every decision I've made lately. And by rethinking, I mean overthinking. Probably. But you be the judge of that. Let me paint that picture for you so you can see what it's like to meditate with this mind of mine.

I run a design agency called 3drops since 2010. You already know this. We work with enterprises and governments to create or improve their digital products. Big deal right? Portion of the profits from 3drops goes to OFC, our self-funded startup studio, where we ship next-gen SaaS solutions for smaller companies. So far, we have 3 products in 3 different categories, but all directed towards the same customer base → early-stage startups. We do productivity, marketing and analytics. Roadmap, Sincere and Slim. Experimenting with new ideas, in this space, in this format, is a dream come true.

Now, to the new companies.
I've been living in Bangkok, Thailand for a couple of years now. And the longer I live here, the more I think about the potential of this country. And the more I think about it, the more obsess I become with this thought and slowly ideas are beginning to form. Especially in the past year. Thailand is a country where resources are very affordable, the weather is amazing, the food is delicious and the people are kind, which makes Thailand the perfect place to start your new company. But why isn't anything happening here? It lacks something. It has almost all of the key components needed to become the next tech hub but it lacks that beautiful interface to communicate them. It needs design. Thailand needs world-class design.

So I'm starting two new companies to help with that. Each is directed towards different markets but both are needed to design this city from the inside out. One is in tech while the other is in commerce. One is an incubator/accelerator backed by enterprises while the other is a branding and manufacturing studio with in-house influencers. One is designed to build innovative tech companies leveraging the resources available here, while the other is formed to build world-class brands, products and services here in Thailand. Basically, in a couple of years, most startups here will look like startups in Silicon Valley, and most shops will look like Swedish brands.

Doable? 100%.
Can I do it? I believe so. I hope so. I think so. I do believe this is why I'm here. I believe this is the place where I can be most helpful. And if I do it right, it will hopefully put me in touch with the right people to make this possible.

So what drives me?
The freedom to experiment with new ideas in different spaces and scale to meet interesting people and evolve.

What's my end goal?
Reform how governments operate from within, to bring speed and transparency through tech, to ensure justice we all need to live our lives right. This motherboard we are all operating in, needs a major redesign. And I hope through the experiences and relationships I build along the way, one day, I can get the opportunity to add to the conversation of a new government/system.

These words, these mental fragmented images is what I see when I'm up or down. This is what excites me and overwhelms me. But this is what grounds me. This is what motivates me. What's yours?