June 15, 2022

Welcome to Ground Zero.

You may fear it, but I welcome it. I get inspired by it. I feel free. Free to explore. Free to create. Free to become. It's a place of freedom.

It's a place where nothing can go wrong. It's a safe place. Nothing to lose. You are here to only gain. And you get as many chances as you wish. To create something, different from past. With your new learnings, with your new perspective. It's a place to reborn.

Every once in a while, we reach ground zero. Sometimes willingly, to get on a different path. And sometimes we get directed here, because of a turn of an event. But everytime we find ourselves at Ground Zero, we take this moment to reflect. To observe. To study. It's a place to learn.

With OFC, we've reached Ground Zero.
With the experiments we ran over the past 6 months, we learned what we are not. Which brought us closer to cherish who we are. Confidently.

We thought building in this space, required us to be on Discord, because that was the norm. And yet again, we learned the cost of following the norm. Anxiety.

While Discord may work for others, we learned it doesn't work for us. One of the strongest indicators for us was the need/anxiety to be always present. To be always active. And if not, there needs to be something to be discussed just for the sake of staying active. That's what social media is capitalising on and that's not how we would like to grow OFC.

Discord, for us, was the type of noise we were trying to stay away from. So remaining true to our "The antidote to hypergrowth culture", we believe Discord is part of that and we've decided to step aside.

We do so to remain focused on building OFC OS and will start the funding through NFTs when the right time comes by. We've been on this journey for the past 6 years. We are committed to our long term vision and following our plan. OFC OS is a place where our peers and their teams will align on work and evolve with the help of the shared knowledge from all OFC members.

To all of our Inner Circle members, thank you for your participation in this process. Your involvement helped us to define a better next step, that we couldn't have reached without you. And to all of you following our updates, I hope you learn from our experiments.

I hope you learn to prioritise (ruthlessly) by saying No (respectfully) to what's not aligned with your long-term goal. I hope you learn to believe in yourself (unconditionally) and grow confidence in your work (stubbornly).

Learn to lead from within by following your intuition.
You are more.

Ground Zero is a place where you shed your self-doubts.It's a place of growth. 
Embrace it.