August 9, 2021

A great product alone doesn't sell.

Yet, most of us, waste so much time and money trying to prove people/ourselves wrong. Our ego gets in the way. The designer in us, the introvert, takes over and starts polishing every little detail from within. As if that's going to help us make more money. And we all know what happens when we go down that rabbit hole. Days, months, and sometimes years go by and we are still making changes. And the longer we spent in this hole, the more insecure we get about our product, our vision, our whole being.

But what if we let the entrepreneur in us lead the way. The extrovert. What if, instead of looking for validation from our peers, we looked for potential customers. What if we just took a break from making and instead, started spending all of our time on learning how to sell what we already have.

It's Marketing, isn't it? That's what stops us. I think marketing got a bad rep among creatives. Most people think marketing is just ads. It's distasteful. Nobody wants to become that one person on twitter that always talks about her/his product. It's annoying. But that's not Marketing.

Marketing is about sharing. It's about inviting others to see how you do what you do. Marketing is about sharing your story. It's about showing people why you do what you do. Marketing is not selfish. Marketing helps you to understand people you care about more. It teaches you what they like and what they don't like. Marketing makes you a better conversationist. It makes you interesting.

I believe all designers and developers are great marketers. I believe we all have it in us. We just need to get comfortable with sharing more. And the way we do that is by documenting our progress as we do it, instead of focusing on creating content for the sake of creating content. Just take a screenshot of what you are currently working on and share it twitter. Record your screen for a few seconds and show people what you are doing now. Unlike product design/development, quality doesn't matter as much as quantity does. How often you share matters more than what you share. Then once you've got the habit of sharing, the quality will follow.

Start it today.
Create less. 
Share more.