August 8, 2023

Take the antidote

I’m not gonna lie, I am a little nervous about this. I’ve been putting a lot of time into this. I want it to exist. I need it to exist.

Even if this first release takes too long to hit home, I still back this up until it clicks. Because that's what I do. I'm obsessed.

So let's jump in head first to see if the water is cold or not. I run OFC because it goes against the norm in the software business. That's the meaning behind the name. It's Order from Chaos. It demands it because the time is calling for it.

I’m tired of seeing one good software die after another. Only to be replaced with a lookalike, just painted in different color.

I don't see much of progress here. Everyone wants the same. I should know. I run an agency too. Whatever that becomes hot, everyone adds it to their stack. And with one update at a time, they all become just like any other.

One makes a move and the rest follows. But those that make moves loud enough to be heard, get caught up in the VCs net. Expectations are too high so most give up before they try. They sell. They go work for another company for a few years then they come back to the ring, beating to the same rhythm.

But there are some that make it to the end. The finish line, the heaven for businesses. Marked with the sign: IPO. A destination most startups are not made for. Yet they try. And forget their purpose. What got them started. The joy of making good software.

That's what OFC is.
A new approach to building lasting software.

OFC is pure. Brand free. Hell, there’s barely any ui in our software. And that is by choice. To not fool you with shiny buttons. We are not here to feed your shiny object syndrome.

We are here to surprise you. In time. Great moves take long. We've been slowly building the team, testing the system, and it all feels slowly right.  

So let me keep this light. We are here to build lasting software. And with one software at a time, we are building a dashboard that serves all your needs.

Personal and team.
For fun and for work.

It's not an all-in-one.
It's one of one.

Each software is specifically designed for a unique purpose. To make you question the norm. To experience the difference. And together, the system offers you peace of mind.

OFC is here to make a change. It's a big goal.
But it's doable. Help us get there.  

Take the antidote. 
And tell your friends to do the same.

And I will bring you the future of software.
The first antidote is here.