July 7, 2023

Surrender to live.

It took so much of my life to learn the obvious. Life shows you signs but it's up to you, how you choose to interpret them.

When life showed me difficulties in the past, in my twenties, drowned in my unlimited energy and ego, I translated them as invitations to fight. An opportunity to proof myself. I switched gears so fast, I hardly noticed I was doing it. I put everything aside to make the challenge the reason for my existence and I fought with everything I had until I won. I even risked so much of my life to sometimes see things through. It could take years sometimes. But I was as committed as I was on day one. Because I found novelty in the challenge. I found meaning. In my mind, I was fighting for what I thought was right. Nothing worthwhile comes easy I heard. So this path must be right. So I built myself as a soldier to go to war every time I was challenged. I welcomed pain. It made my life purpose. Because I felt I was doing the "right thing". I thought, if it came easy, it wasn't worth having. So this must be right.

A decade later, in my thirties, aware of my limited energy and time, far from my ego, I've learned the opposite might also be true. When life shows you difficulties, it might be a sign that you are on the wrong path. It's a tap on your shoulder, asking you to stop, and look around. There might be another path that takes you to the same place, without the trouble. If the destination is what matters, why persist on the path. There are multiple ways to reach the same place. Why take the uphill? I used to believe how you do things, is worth more than what you get at the end. Writing this now, I don't think I hold the same belief strongly anymore. I let my energy guide me now. Not my mind as much. Knowing how limited the conscious mind is. I think the energy is tapped into our unconscious mind and I growing a stronger trust in that than the other.

Nowadays, if I'm experiencing any form of resistance, I let it to stop me. I surrender to what life brings me. I've learned my place in life. I understand my insignificance in it all. I take it as a sign to reflect on my patterns. To notice my default reactions. I take it as an opportunity to program myself to be in flow with life. To realign myself with presence. Life is too beautiful to waste it on persisting on old beliefs. Old ways of being. So I change.

I keep my mind open. To keep my heart warm. To keep my sense alive. To truly see what life puts in front of me. To feel the energy I'm surrounded with. To notice the people crossing my path. I surrender to live the wonders of life as they happen. I surrender to live a more fulfilling life. I surrender to live in harmony.

And to tell you the truth, things are flowing again.
I feel aligned with the stream.
I feels light. It feels right.

Life is beautiful.
Surrender to feel it.

Hope you are doing well.