May 23, 2023

Act without Ask

Isn’t that love? 
Knowing what the other person needs and give it to them before they ask.

That act, without the ask, to me, is love.

Between you and I, I’ve spent a fair part of the last years searching for the meaning of love. What it means to me. Not what I’ve seen in others or have been told. My description of what it holds and how it’s given.

Because knowing that answer, I believe, is 80% of what life is about. So naturally, that answer, doesn’t come easy. Pain leads you the way.

At first, I thought love was passion. You feel it when you see it. Your heart finds it. It beats faster when it’s nearby. But it doesn’t last long.

Then I learned love grows with curiosity. Your never ending interest in someone. Your mind grows it. It observes and asks to find out more about it. But it’s not enough.

Now I’ve realised, love transmits in act. Your eyes confirm it. When you see an act of love without your ask. When knowing transforms to thoughtful actions.

So, for now,
That’s is my description of Love.

Your heart finds it.
Your mind grows it.
Your actions keep it.

So keep your eyes wide open, to notice the gifts your loved ones are giving. 
Prioritise your time and energy accordingly. To return the gift.

Love is life.
Live it as such.