May 15, 2023

Stepping aside from competing.

What good does it make to beat each other on the path to the same end. To fight for the top when we share the same destiny. To compete with each other when we are on the same timeline. Sharing the same beginning and end. 

Imagine the progress we could make if we were united. This is not a mantra. I’m stepping aside from this monopoly game, that never made sense to me. 

Walking in malls nowadays feels like walking in illusions. All these brands, selling the same things, just in different colors, priced with different status labels. Shortcut to perceived wealth is on display. 

Tech is the same. Perhaps worse. $100M+ fundings for a presentation app or another task management solution makes me wonder what we are working towards. 

If work is where we spend most of our time, are we really working on the right things?
What’s the end goal? Where do we like to end up? Let’s back-engineer our way to the present to see if we are aligned. 

Are we working for personal wealth? No shame in that if that’s what you need to get out of your system to realise it won’t fulfil you. This materialistic gain only gives us access to perceived wealth. It’s hollow. You’ll feel lonely at the end. They say journey to success is lonely, what they don’t share is that the destination feels the same. 

But like any other lesson in life, sometimes it needs to be experienced to reach the same conclusion. To gain the same understanding. The truth. 

Reason with your current knowledge of life and review your beliefs. Do they still resonate with you? You heard something or made believe when you were a kid, programmed when you were naive, but now that you know more and have a choice, do you still see reason in those beliefs? Or do you feel the truth? 

Life is meant to be shared. Death as our the common end was set to align us on the widely ignored truth. So why are we not pursuing life knowing this simple fact? What’s the competition for?

I’m not here to state the obvious and walk away doing what I’ve always done. Working on the same tasks doesn’t inspire me anymore. 

So I’m running an experiment to learn if there are more like me, thinking the way I do. And I’m starting it with OFC, and later applying the same to OP and BR. After all, none of them would be anything without others. So why not share them and progress together. 

This is an experiment to challenge the concept of ownership. The closest I’ve come to describe what I have in mind is a mix of open sourced culture with web3 movement. 

Contribution to a greater good and direct reward for your input. With the goal of making what we know and use, accessible to all. To unify our learnings and contribute to the same tools, processes and network. To evolve beyond our selfish means. 

Let me share my deposit to this system. I’ve spent around $400k building a suite of tools that we needed for our work. That’s a few years worth of a few full-time members. So far, we’ve built 5 apps. Each designed and build to satisfy the core needs in different areas of our work. Made in the same design system, tech stack and principles to optimise and decentralise our building processes. 

Then we have a handbook for almost every company type. Service, product, physical or digital. A simple set of how-tos to navigate you through the maze of team building and packaging. 

Supported by a group of people that will contribute with key-turning advise or connections you need in order to elevate your output. 

The tools, processes and network that took us years to learn and unlock. The type of platform that can help create opportunities for everyone that share the same belief. Regardless of your location, background, connections or financial status. 

That’s the offer of OFC. To level the playground for those that are aligned on the same vision for our future. A new baseline. 

A community of top designers and engineers aligned to build a more open ecosystem. 

Our learnings and contributions will funnel into our 3 pillars. Tools, processes and network. With the goal of making software free for all. Processes will evolve with the collective mind of OFC and Network will be shared among the contributors. 

At the end, if this experiment goes well, we should be able to set a new baseline. A set of tools and processes to serve as bare minimum to build any business facing solutions to consumer goods. With a little help from AI. As our agents. 

I’m depositing everything I’ve learned and built to begin this. If you feel the same, and share the same understanding, I would love to hear from you.  

A future with no competition. 
To unite. As one. To be one. 

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