May 11, 2023

Process over outcome.

It's difficult to enjoy the process when the outcome doesn't match your expectations. It's difficult to progress when you are obsessing about the outcome. It's difficult to evolve when your mind constantly jumps ahead or travels back.

All these mental blocks travel your creative flow. They remove you from the present and put you in limbo. But all fades away if you bring your focus from the outcome to the process.

Run this experiment with me next time you sit down to create.

Divide your mind into two parts: one that creates and one that observes. Watch yourself create. Observe the thoughts and emotions that arise as you create. Hear the inner dialogue. Notice your state of mind.

Are you present?

Or is your mind on the imaginary future, fantasizing about the result you are not getting? Or are you focused on the past, judging your progress? Or maybe you are comparing, looking at your craft and comparing it with others' work?

I don't have to tell you how unhelpful these thought patterns are. You already know this. But we are still doing it. Why?

Because we are attaching our self-worth to the result of our work. If the result is worthless, then so are we. We identify ourselves with the outcome of our work. We believe we are what we create.

Your creativity becomes your curse. 
Ego is to blame.

The part of us that has no patience, is never satisfied, and always asks for more. Every time it feels ignored, it demands attention. Like a child, it gets loud and yells our list of entitlements. It amplifies your past accomplishments and diminishes your presence. It projects an illusion of the future and asks why it can't have it now. As a result, it bloats your self-image and alters your reality.

No wonder we can't create from this state of mind. It's natural that we feel agitated when we try to create from this place. Of course, we feel insecure when we constantly compare our craft with what it could be or what it should be. It's natural we feel stuck and unhappy, when our ego is in charge.

What's the alternative?

If ego is outcome-driven and grows when we identify ourselves with the result of our work, then soul is process-oriented. It grows with a mind that appreciates the present. It accepts things as they are and creates with what it has now.

A soulful way of work. 
What does it feel like to create when you are present?

Your soul lights the way. You feel grounded. You feel light and right. Your ideas naturally flow through you and create an art that authentically communicates your vision. You are in tone with your emotions. Your thoughts intuitively turn into iterations. You appreciate each version for what they are and understand each holds unique value as a stepping stone in your process. You focus on the art of creation. You enjoy the work. Your soul flows through your creations. Connects you with others. Widens your reach. You feel understood. You become one. With all there is.

Your creativity becomes your blessing.

So next time you sit down to create, make a mental note of what needs to be done, then ground yourself in the presence and let ideas flow through you. Regard each iteration as a stepping stone to your destination. And enjoy the work.

Starve the ego. 
Feed the soul.

With that being said, we've updated OP Brand Shop with more ready-to-launch brand packages. And we've included a customisation option to change the logo to the name of your company.

This is to walk the talk. Falling in love with the process without becoming attached to the outcome. A creative exercise for our team to evolve.

OpenPurpose® is here to serve. 
We are working to evolve our way of service. 
Hope you like the work.