May 4, 2023

Systems over one-time wonders.

I'm biased on workflows over one-time wonders. Reliable outcomes are where I bet my time and money on. Systems are where I feel alive. And Processes are what I breath. 

There's no life in me, without the two. These invisible patterns that sum up our lives in the form of habits. Within systems in which we come to this life and leave this form.

You might say you feel limited by processes. That you feel trapped within systems. But then my answer to you would be, you are following the wrong ones. 

The magic is in applying the right constraints to create the freedom. That's right. Freedom without boundaries is madness. Nobody enjoy those. 

For me, if a process is longer than a couple of steps, then it's a manual and nobody reads those. Too long. People rather figure things out on their own. And when everyone does their own thing, nobody knows how things are made. Then sooner or later, when someone gets sick or leaves, so does your business. Nobody knows how to create what they did. 

And if a system holds more than a dozen of processes, then it's a party without a host and nobody knows where things are. No accountability. Every mistake is blamed on the person that is not in the room. Nobody likes to come back. So most leave. And those that stay, begin to pull everyone's weight and at the end, they burn themselves out. 

Now imagine when things are made in simple, easily repeatable steps. And those steps are openly shared and understood by everyone within the team. 

Do you feel the breeze?  

Imagine the perfect harmony. The intersection of the right people, processes and systems. You feel it in the results. After all, energy is contagious. It travels through time and matter. 

That sweet sweet wind that takes your mind away. 
Makes you feel present. Helps you see life in a new light.  

You can feel a team's energy through their creations. What you experience is the sum of the energy spent on the project. If your experience with the product or service wasn't great, then most likely, the team weren't feeling particularly joyful when they designed it that way. 

So maybe emotions can be designed. You can design an environment to influence a collective state of mind in order to produce an emotion as an outcome through a product or service. 

That's the job of Processes and Systems. 

And I believe they together attract their matching people. Wrong processes and systems, attract the wrong fits. The right ones, attract the right ones. So get your processes right, to get the right people in. 

I've said it before, I'm saying it again. 

Culture is the sum of people's energy. That energy is produced from their emotions. Emotions are influenced by systems they live in. Those systems are designed by man-made processes (sometimes we forget this part). And processes are in your control.

If work doesn't feel right, take it apart. 
Name each part it's made of and put it back together. Then make changes to each part until it feels right. Experiment with your process. To change how you feel. To create new results. 

Systems are life. Processes are habits. Some are designed by your conscious self, others by your subconscious mind. But you are in control of both. Apply the same experiment in your personal life to create a new present : )