May 2, 2023

Always be changing.

Change has got a bad stigma. Change is not bad. Change is not a sign of instability. Change is not due to a failure.  

Change is wisdom. Change requires awareness. We change when we feel stuck. We are stuck because we can't move on the way we are. So we change. We change to leave the past behind. We change to have a better future. 

But changing is painful. Letting go of parts of you that no longer serve you is unsettling. And letting other parts to take place is unfamiliar. The process is not linear. It's multi-dimensional. A spiral journey through space and time.  

And sometimes, that journey, requires you to begin again. 
From the start. From the square 1.  

Imagine spending years climbing the highest mountain. Near the top, you realise the path you are on, will only take you as far. The path to top, is different than the one you are on. To reach the top, you need to begin again. You need to climb all the way down and start again. 

Change is necessary. 

So we climb down. We don't spend too much time petting ourselves, regretting the time we've lost. We cherish the lessons we've learned, humble ourselves, and begin again. We feel grateful to have had the chance to experience this pain, learn and grow.

Change is growth. 
And growth is painful. 

So if today, things are tough, know that you are changing.
For the better. A brighter future. The pain is the sign of that change. 

At the end, there are no shortcuts. 
The more pain you endure, the more you change and the more you grow. 

So always be changing.