April 13, 2023

The future of software is free.

With the rise of AI, most tech businesses are at the risk of becoming worthless with time. And that time gets cut in half with every big AI update.

AutoGPT is already building simple tools and deploying them on its own with simple commands. Midjourney is creating outstanding visuals, in any style you imagine, with just a few lines of description. Runway delivers remarkable solutions for creating/editing videos and Soundraw has started the same for music.

AI hasn't reached the mainstream yet and we are already at this pace of progression. Imagine when it hits the public. Imagine when Google launches Magi. Putting AI infront of over a billion people. Imagine the younger generation learning the power of AI by experimenting with it in school and the older generation understands how they can benefit from it in their every day lives. Imagine the mutation we are about to experience online.

We are at corner of probably the biggest change in the creative industry. Anything that can be created digitally, can soon be done in fraction of the time with significantly less cost. And maybe, just maybe, with enough time and progress, that cost will eventually become free.

Software will indeed become less valuable with time. Or in other words, mindblowingly great software will soon become very affordable. With AI, most companies are enabled to create custom tailored tools for needs in minutes. Qatalog is already on this. An AI that creates software by putting together the right components, workflows and roles to solve your needs, with less, in seconds.

Now imagine no-code tools like Webflow, Framer, Play, Glide and others implement AI. With their data, templates, systems, component library, the AI can create a world of tools for web, mobile, watch, in probably minutes to hours that we can just csutomize as we adjust the lightning on our photos and publish online. Brand, copy, pitch, pricing, marketing, all done by AI.

The no-code tools will soon become no interface tools. We speak our ideas into existence.

So in a world where digital craft becomes mundane, what will we desire? What will we spend our money on?


To real people. In small communities. Focused on a shared vision for the future. The more niche, the higher the value.

I think a new era of social media might be upon us. One that is not designed to scale up but scale down. One that is not for everyone. But for some. A network of small communities to join, contribute, and get rewarded.

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