April 13, 2023

Develop your taste.

I've been causing existential crises in almost everyone I've talked to about AI. Especially fellow designers. Mainly because I'm afraid most of us will be replaced by AI. That is IF we stick to the way we work today. In the roles we have today.

Creative work is about to take a big shift. Execution is no longer the name of the game. Directing is. Learning the skills of a producer and directing your way through the process will help you evolve your role into what will be the next step in your career. In a world where Ai and Humans work together to design the future.

And by skills I don't mean learning how to prompt. I mean developing a high-level of taste. Some might say it's a born-with talent. But I believe it's a self-taught skill. And it starts with understanding why you feel what you feel towards the things you like or don't like.

How? By observing. Mainly by putting words on your internal language. Your emotions. Start by taking things you like or don't like apart to see which elements you feel positively towards them or resistant. That's the beginning of learning any creative skill. By understanding why you feel what you feel.

Name the art. Music. Movie. Architecture. Industrial design. Digital. Brand. Fashion. You name it. You can now be good at it. Without knowing how to play the instruments. Without speaking the language. Without knowing how to execute it. You can talk your way through designing your favourite house. Your dream car. Even directing your movie. With the actresses you like. (The AI version of them). Or producing the songs you hear in your head, with the whomever as the voice. You can become the executive producing director of your full potential creative.

Your goal should now be to develop the skills necessary to articulate what you feel in simple words so others, regardless of age or experience, know how to execute it.

And know our time is ticking. This will be the mother tongue of the younger generation. So you and I need to invest our time, to learn that language now.

With this being said, we are running a new experiment at OP. You can now use our Trial to get a glimpse of what future holds for your business with AI. During our 2-week sprint, we will explore radical and realistic concepts for how AI could impact and empower your business.

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Exciting times.
Embrace the shift.

Survive the AI takeover.
By becoming the director of your future.