Designing a social brand
for global impact.

We partnered with Things founder to design the branding for his next venture.

Branding a Shopify

Conceptualising a private social app to auto-share your activity.

Setting a new Baseline
for startup communities.

We partnered with a leading VC to help streamline their internal process.

High-end retail.

Simplifying finances for small businesses with an ever evolving finance companion app.

Bringing SaaS Subscriptions
to web3 through NFTs.

We partnered with Opal to explore potential next steps to evolve their product.

Designing the social
layer for health.

Designing the social layer for health.

Designing an enterprise-facing app that doesn't require an onboarding with Arrows.

We partnered with an influencer to turn her passion into a high-end brand from scratch.

We partnered with Pentagram to design the web app for Sonantic. Acquired by Spotify.

From idea to brand, product and shop within one month.

We partnered with the founders of Covertree to digitalise the insurances processes.

A collaborative calendar designed to bring transparency to an enterprise internal meetings.

From spreadsheets into an intuitive all-in-one enterprise solution within a quarter.

We digitalised the visa system for over 65 countries in partnership with VFS Global.

A digital space for creatives to connect with design-forward companies.